The interior of the entrance to the DCC

Collaboration at its core

PW have partnered with Diageo to help create their new Collaboration Center in downtown Stamford. The 17,000-square-foot center focuses on the latest industry trends, insights and technologies in the BevAlc industry.

DCC Logo
DCC Logo

Multiple Touch Points

The project took over 14 months and included experiential design, content generation, retail POS, apps, animation and identity design.

A bar tender pours a drink at the bar of a venue.
Shots of the PW created touchscreen device apps
The On Premise zone of the DCC

Due to respect for our client’s privacy and confidentiality, we can’t share all the details of this amazing project. We have therefore used placeholder content in the some of the images.

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Shots of DCC apps created by Pope Wainwright on ipads