Inside IIM, GSK’s Digitisation Lab, teams are dedicated to seeking, developing and industrialising the future of manufacturing technologies. The space is at the heart of this thinking; a collaborative workspace to road-test new technologies in order to really understand and accelerate the use of them across all parts of the GSK business.

PW partnered with GSK to create a facility they can point to and show the art of the possible. The lab was intentionally designed to create the impression that the place is different. In a unique, warehouse environment, it is meant to resemble more a start-up firm than a branch of a global healthcare company.

Beyond the state-of-the-art technology in the lab, the facility has been built to demonstrate a digitisation model and make it real for people, triggering a mindset shift. The aim is to change the way people look at making pharmaceutical products and how they go about product development and new product introduction, as well as how they operate production facilities to force people to take a new look at things.