The Lego Foundation approached Kinetic Consulting and PW with a problem. Although they have countless statistics about positively affecting the lives of children, they didn’t have an impact on employees anymore. Therefore, they needed a new internal communication tool to re-engage employees with the powerful influence their everyday jobs create.


To create real impact, PW created a unique and strategic game for employees. As a result, the internal communication tool provided a fun way to understand their individual roles in the organisation. Above all, each employee is building a future where learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged and life-long learners.

The game is a physical representation and understanding of Lego’s shared goal. As a result, it allows players to achieve complete clarity on The Lego Foundation’s strategy. At the same time, the internal communication tool enables employees to recognise what success looks like, and become actively engaged in how they will contribute to delivery. To discover more unique communication strategies that drive internal change, download the latest report on our Knowledge page.