Pfizer’s Inflammation & Immunology business unit approached PW to review their existing communications and look for potential new avenues to explore. There was an opportunity to reignite Pfizer I&I culture both globally and locally. Through workshops and facilitation in the PW Project Space, we worked with senior leaders to evolve an existing platform. The need was to unify the interpretation, and transform ‘Be Extraordinary’ into a rallying cry for employees.

The little things that we all take for granted – like having a cup of tea – can be unnecessarily arduous for I&I patients. The breakthroughs Pfizer make are enabling patients to have freedom from their day-to-day suffering. PW developed a purpose driven communications strategy for Pfizer which works for both their people and represents their patients. By achieving the extraordinary together, they are enabling people to live the lives they want to live. Driving an extraordinary mindset ensures they will continually raise the bar, inspiring Pfizer colleagues to achieve their purpose and vision.

PW developed a narrative around ‘you’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ which allowed the platform to be flexible and directly link colleague actions to patient outcomes. We shifted the position of the communications away from product and brand association towards a patient focus by instilling emotion. A toolkit of assets and guidelines was developed for the tone of voice and execution of the platform. Representing authenticity was fundamental, through stories and quotes of both good and bad experiences in the patient journey.