In 1986 Sainsbury’s were the first supermarket to offer organic products. In addition, the brand is committed to fairly traded products, investing in the sustainability of their suppliers, farmers, growers and workers within the supply chain. Pope Wainwright permeated within the business with internal corporate communication to educate their employees. Fundamentally, employees must be knowledgable on the entire pipeline and journey of food production, in order for this understanding to filter down to the consumers.


PW redefined the working environment within Sainsbury’s Online Fulfilment Centre to inspire colleagues by communicating the lengths that the business goes to. In particular, oversized illustrations and interior graphics highlight key dates and facts about the brand’s rich history. Furthermore, they convey the scale and impact of Sainsbury’s as a brand and an investment.

The graphics emphasise the colleagues as part of a larger national team by recognising teamwork and striving to build morale. As a result, the design for the new facility creates a purpose for colleagues to feel proud of their workplace.

Take a look at the productive office spaces we designed for Sainsbury’s at their headquarters and download the latest report detailing how to transform employees into brand advocates on our Knowledge page.




“PW made my life so much easier. They were the perfect addition to our team and I’m glad we trusted them because they’ve done a fabulous job.”

Sainsbury’s Project Manager, Physical Workstream