PW have been working with the UK’s second largest chain of supermarkets to redefine their working environments across the country. Our work focuses on engaging colleagues and helping them understand the unique and compelling brand that has served our high streets since 1869.

PW transformed Sainsbury’s head office from a regimented and formal space to a culture of openness and collaboration. We redefined the environment, moving the space away from siloed and fixed work stations to allow for hot desking and integration among employees.

The strategic design of the space has an unconscious effect of encouraging people to gather within certain areas for interaction, though still providing more private areas to complete work without interruption. The environment also communicates the heritage, journey and successes through to the little stories about the brand that employees might not have known otherwise.

“Due to their pace of work and focus, PW were ultimately integral to mobilising the project on time.”

Sainsbury’s Design, Construction & Delivery Project Manager