Future ways of working

Our focus

We exist to deliver meaningful change, that makes a difference to how businesses operate and communicate, both internally and with external partners

Our approach

How we deliver change

We immerse ourselves in your challenges in order to build stronger, more meaningful relationships and deliver design impact. Our focused and responsive approach enables us to dig deep, think critically and determine the difficult questions that need to be asked. Our disposition allows the cross pollination of ideas to deliver innovative solutions.


  • Space

    Understanding the purpose of an environment, defining activities and functions, customer journey and flow mapping, building in flexibility and being able to anticipate future needs

  • Content

    Creating an aligned approach to both digital and physical content. This includes App design, brand films, 360 films, digital resources & presentations, data representation, signage schemes and environmental graphics

  • Hosting

    Enabling successful presentations through curating the run of show, scripting, and defining a balance of presentation vs. visitor interaction, utilising technology to enhance and enable interaction and engagement

  • Engagement

    Building engagement through branding an experience, shaping the message, creating meaning and personalisation for the user

  • Momentum

    Driving momentum through creating relevant content, quantifying success through long-term partnerships, external retention and internal engagement to drive things forward

  • Experience

    Delivering best-in-class experiences through an interconnected narrative that generates excitement, building relationships and ROI. When working on projects that combine all of these is when the real magic happens


What we do

The tangible things


  • Internal vs. External experiences
  • Innovation proposition
  • Collaboration & Engagement techniques


  • Defining the run of show
  • Apps
  • Motion Graphics
  • Films
  • 360
  • Identity
  • Internal Communications


  • Master Planning
  • Customer Journey
  • Signage
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Packaging

We design relationships that are built to last

Over the last 20 years we have worked with brilliant people and businesses, many of which we have retained long-standing relationships with

Clients that PW have worked with including; Diageo, Electrocomponents, Sainsbury's, De Beers Group, Pepsico and othersClients that PW have worked with including; Diageo, Electrocomponents, Sainsbury's, De Beers Group, Pepsico and others

Please get in touch if you would like to partner with us

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