Strategic design consultancy London

We drive internal change through communications and innovation. We work with FTSE 500 businesses.


We have a 120sqm project space where clients can immerse themselves in their brand, the challenges and opportunities they face. This space isn’t for us, it’s a functional asset that we own to benefit our clients and their selected agencies – we’re your very own skunkworks.


PW Project space
London NW5 3AN
+44 (0)20 7100 0301
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A new way of working

A blank canvas, with every inch 100% dedicated to a client project and tailored to help stimulate thinking.

View our latest project. Uniting 20,000 employees by overhauling De Beers Group’s corporate identity. The global brand had to work across the entire pipeline of the group; from one extreme of exploration and mining, right the way through to sorting, sales and luxury retail.