We designfuture ways of working

We are a design consultancy based in London who help clients innovate how they work internally, externally and with partners. Our broad knowledge base adds huge value to clients, offering ideas and direction that span different areas and specialisms.

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We design ways to engage your people

Businesses need to engage their people and enable them to fully realise and understand the journey that they are on. By demystifying this you can build greater trust within an organisation and accelerate progress.

A global omni-channel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers.

An employee engagement task: to help excite their people about the journey they are on.

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Electrocomponents Destination 2025 branding flat lay

We design ways to deliver meaningful change

The landscape is changing with businesses and brands requiring the interconnectedness of all kinds of design. We want to make a difference through our work, immerse ourselves in your challenges and deliver real value.

Employee using diamond loop

Group Identity

The world's leading diamond company

The new corporate identity design had to work across the entire pipeline of the group. Indeed, the brand stretches from one extreme of exploration and mining, right the way through to sorting, sales and luxury retail.

We design ways to innovate

Existing workplaces aren't fit for purpose. Businesses need to fundamentally change how they work to create new value. People are at the centre of this, and require the right environments to succeed.

A leading Consumer Health company

To create the largest and most advanced shopper insight facility in Europe

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A lady investigating products
View of the Cognition Lab

Innovation Labs

Human Performance Labs

A world-class science lab dedicated to extending the limit of human athletic potential via nutritional science. In fact, the facility is the first of its kind in the Northern Hemisphere.