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A Global challenge

PW have shaped the global brand identity for De Beers Group; the world’s leading diamond company. The new corporate identity design had to work across the entire pipeline of the group. Indeed, the brand stretches from one extreme of exploration and mining, right the way through to sorting, sales and luxury retail.

Looking inside the De Beers Group Corporate Identity Manual

By facilitating workshops with the c-suite, senior leadership and global brand teams, PW have become a trusted partner. As a result, we have directed the approach for epic photography shoots through to brand guidelines, environments and an internal communications programme.

Interior of an office space
Interior of an office space
De Beers Group logo

Multiple Touch points

De Beers Group has always believed that ‘A Diamond is Forever’ since introducing the iconic tagline in 1948. Above all, it is ‘Forever’ that is the most important part of this sentiment. From turning diamond dreams into a lasting reality, to leaving a positive and lasting legacy in communities, long after their mines close. In addition to the corporate identity for De Beers Group, we have also developed a brand identity system across their entire pipeline including De Beers Group Technology, Institute of Diamonds and Industry Services.

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A De Beers group website displayed on a desktop
A De Beers group website displayed on a desktop

“Having worked with a number of larger agencies, PW has hit the spot for our business. They have helped us hone a compelling brand expression and execute it across multiple touch points. PW brings experience and creativity to the table without the baggage. They give us the flexibility to dial up or down the workload as our needs require, without losing team continuity. We produce our best results when we have PW working with us around the table.”

Executive Vice-President and Chief Brand Officer

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